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South Denver EMS Team - In partnership with EMS to improve patient care and outcomes

Porter, Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock Adventist Hospitals' South Denver EMS Team provides education, training, quality improvement, quality assurance, process improvement, preventative care and wellness initiatives, research opportunities and resource support to the regional EMS and lay community.

ON ALERT April, 2014 - NEW

2013 Top 10 EMS Innovators - SMFRA Chief Rick Lewis and Dr. John Riccio

2013 EMSAC Regognition & Recipients (Including our own Pam Struthers)

Check out "What's New?" in the "On Alert" tab 

ALERT FOR ALL EMS PROVIDERS:  New anticoagulants present a high risk to trauma patients; generic names for these drugs are rivaroxaban (Xarelto), apixaban (Eliquis) and dabigatan (Pradaxa).  These need to be identified in the field and the hospital would like to be notified prior to arrival as is the case now with Coumadin.  Early recognition/notification that a patient is taking one of these drugs and has the potential for blood loss can be extremely helpful in the hospital as the E.D. can notify the blood bank, dialysis, and summon additional trauma resources.  Of special note is that the time the patient took these pills is important, because if within two hours, activated charcoal can be administered.  Please review the information presented by Mark Prather, M.D. carefully. 

Research Articles:
1.  Medical Research and the Sleeper Curve
2.  Endovascular Treatment For Acute Stroke
3.  CT For All Or A Selective Approach?
4.  The Effect Of An Ambulance Diversion Ban On E.D. Length Of Stay And Ambulance Turn Around
5.  Preoxygenation and Prevention of Desaturation During Emergency Airway Management - Annals of Emergency Medicine
6.  Information Transfer From Prehospital to ED
7.  EMS Trauma Scene/Transport Times/Mortality
8.  Multivariate Analysis of Successful IV Line Placement in the Prehospital Setting
9.  Emergency Medical Dispatch Codes Association with E.D. Outcomes 

Updated Alert Cards here


Our Education Calendar can be found under the Education button along with other resources including the CDPHE Education Calendar, and other topics.  Also there you can find the CDPHE licensing and renewal information.

Links to area EMS agencies are readily available in the button above.  The Denver Metro EMS Protocols link is located in the right sidebar along with Centura’s Job’s and Careers link as well as a path to provide compliments or suggestions.

The content of our laminated cards including Cardiac Alert, Stroke Alert, Sepsis Alert, and others including Radio Report Format, Patient Refusal Check Sheet, and Glasgow/Apgar scales are included in the “EMS Resources & Protocols” button.

The “CEQIR” button contains Quality and Research information including the South Denver EMS Quality Council and the Newsletters to date.  Check back often for updates, upcoming events, etc.

NEW  We have added the "Recognition" tab above to begin recognizing and acknowledging the efforts and rewards of our team and our EMS partners.  Please note that we wish this to include our EMS Community.  "We seek to recognize or acknowledge individual or group achievements, efforts, and awards received.  We believe that most are won on behalf of other's efforts as well with the individual or group's efforts in leadership or coordination.  We encourage you to let us know when someone that you know receives such recognition so that we can include them in this page."

Centura South Denver EMS Team Director Mike Grill introduces Jeff Beeson, D.O., Medical Director for the Emergency Physicians Advisory Board, (providing Medical Direction for the MedStar EMS system in Fort Worth, Texas) to regional EMS and Hospital representatives.  Dr. Beeson presented a comprehensive overview of the role of the EMS provider in community health at Littleton Adventist Hospital on August 21, 2012.  Read excerpt from JEMS.

In addtion to the many heart and brain dissection labs presented in the South Denver Region, Advanced Airway labs using simulation manikins and animal anatomy are being presented by our EMS Team to regional EMS providers.

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