• Pam Struthers

  • Recipients of the 2013 EMSAC Awards include our own Pam Struthers and the following:

    Award                                                                        Recipient                            Agency                                  Year        Nominator
    The Childrens' Hospital Award for Commitment
    to Pediatric Emergency Care                                   Grand County EMS          Grand County EMS                 2013       Childrens Hospital Colorado
    Gold Honor for Saving Life                                      Robert Good                    AMR                                       2013       Tawnya Silloway
    Gold Honor for Saving Life                                      Jared Whitely                   Donald Wescott FD                2013       Tawnya Silloway
    CJ Shanaberger Lifetime Achv.                               Rich Martin                      Castle Rock Fire-Rescue        2013       Norris W. Croom III
    Francis Mildred Roth Women in EMS Award           Pam Struthers                 Centura/South Denver EMS    2013       David Reinis
    BLS EMS Professional of the Year                         Jason Kotas                     Childrens/Grand Co EMS        2013       Sean Caffrey
    ALS EMS Professional of the Year                         Lonnie Knudsen               Washington County
                                                                                                                             Ambulance Service                2013       Tony Wells
    Ambulance Service of the Year                              AMR El Paso County        AMR El Paso County              2013       Tawnya Silloway
    Dr. Robert Campbell Award for
    Distinguished Service                                              Dr. Sacramento Pimentel  Kit Carson County
                                                                                                                              Memorial Hospital                  2013       Kim Schallenberger
    Presidents Award                                                   Howard M. Paul                EMSAC Exec. Director          2013       Randy Lesher


    (Shown are Rich Martin, recipient of the 2013 C.J. Shanaberger Lifetime Achievement award, Lonnie Knudson, recipient of the 2013 ALS   Professional  Of The Year award, and Pam Struthers, recipient of the 2013 Frances Mildred Roth Women in EMS award.  Pam states that "the significance in this ceremony is that Rich Martin was Lonnie's Paramedic Instructor and that Lonnie was my EMT Instructor.")

    The following recommendation by a team member, Ryan Mayfield, best summarizes the reasons for Pam receiving this recognition:
    For the Francis Mildred Roth Women in EMS Award I would like to nominate Pam Struthers, NREMT-P, RN, CPN.

    Pam's background in both hospital as well as out-of-hospital pediatric care spans 3 decades, beginning in 1981 at The Children's Hospital Medical/Surgical unit.  Over the years she expanded her knowledge by working in The Children's Hospital Emergency Department, providing care to a variety of complex pediatric patients in a Level I pediatric trauma center and gaining her first look at the role EMS played in pediatric patient care. Additionally, Pam has held positions at The Children's Hospital in Parker as well as the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at PSL.

    In 2007 Pam recognized a void in prehospital pediatric education in the rural areas surrounding Denver. Pam made it her personal mission to fill this void; she volunteered her time to organize, develop, and deliver pediatric education for EMS agencies, including the Elizabeth Fire Protection District, South Metro Fire Rescue Authority, Elbert Fire Protection District, Kiowa Fire Protection District and Louisville Fire Department. These educational offerings were not part of a formal outreach by her employers and most, if not all, were presented without pay in Pam's spare time.

    In addition to developing her own content, Pam attained instructor certifications in Pediatric Education for Prehospital Providers (PEPP) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).  During the EMS Week activities at Parker Adventist Hospital, Pam was responsible for organizing and holding pediatric mock mega-codes in The Children's Hospital (TCH) section of the Parker ED utilizing TCH staff members. The EMS crews that came by for free food had to get through one these pediatric mega-codes in order to receive the coveted Children's Hospital EMS Week T-shirt. They came for the food and left with some increased confidence in those nasty pediatric cardiac arrests.

    Recognizing her need to become more familiar with the role of prehospital providers, Pam made the decision to become a nationally registered paramedic by enrolling in Creighton University's RN to paramedic bridge program. Once again this was a non-compensated commitment of time and travel requiring absences from both her professional work and personal life.  Upon successful completion of this process she applied for, and was accepted, as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic for the Elizabeth Fire Protection District where she volunteered for several years.

    In addition to patient care and education, Pam has also utilized her EMS and pediatric trauma expertise by serving as the RETAC Executive Council representative for Elbert County.  While not specifically pediatric focused, she has successfully written, and been awarded, numerous grant applications. These grants included an EMTS award for $90,000 which was used to upgrade EMS service delivery capabilities for the Elizabeth Fire Protection District. 

    As busy as Pam has been, she never once wavered nor allowed these activities to interfere with her commitment and passion to continue providing pediatric education for both in-hospital and pre-hospital personnel in the region.

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