• Mary (Clancy) Meyers

  • Clancy Meyer

    As EMS continues its journey to becoming a recognized member of the greater medical community, Mary Meyers is on the frontline of this movement.  As a member of the newly formed Center for EMS Quality, Integration and Research, Mary utilizes her expertise in the areas of research and statistical analysis to move EMS past the current state of IV success rates and response times as an indicator of quality.  As a former street paramedic, Mary understands the difficulties faced each day providing care in an uncontrolled environment.  While never forgetting her background she has completed a master's degree in applied statistics and is working on a PhD, all the time focusing on showing the positive impact prehospital treatment has on hospital core measures and patient outcomes. 

    It has been a busy year; in 2011 Mary was integrally involved in the following activities:

    Publishable Research

    • Prehospital Sepsis Alert Program
    • Use of Lactate Meters by EMS
    • Prehospital Pain Management
    • Transport Destination
    • Infection Control
    • EMS/ED Communication

    Hospital Integration

    • Stroke / Cardiac Alert Analysis - How EMS Improves Hospital Core Measures
    • Analysis of Bicycle Helmet Program Effectiveness

    Quality Assurance

    • Advanced Airway Analysis - Agency's improving intubation success rates from previous years.
    • Cardiac Arrest - Adverse event identification and analysis. Results integrated into training.
    • Suicide Hotspot Identification - Analysis of trends by EMS department.  This allowed for specific training for paramedics as well as real time information for suicide prevention programs.

    Additionally, Mary's ability to read and understand medical journal articles has been relied heavily upon in 2011 by both EMS physicians and agencies.  While most people read the conclusion of the articles, Mary dissects the statistical tests utilized to determine if the conclusions are valid. 

    Through this innovative approach of showing the impact of a quality EMS program, Mary has garnered the support of the hospitals in the South Denver Metro area.  This support allows for hospital resources to help further advance EMS.  In the end a sustainable cycle will be created, in which the impact of these advancements can be shown to make an even greater difference in patients which will garner more resources.

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