• Denver Metro Protocol Exam

  • The Denver Metro Protocol Online Exam is available for use by ANY PROVIDER, ANY AGENCY, ANYWHERE, and (hopefully) ANY TIME  ;-) 

    Instructions/what you (and/or your providers) need to know about the test:
    -You need to go to this web location:  http://www.sablealturafire.org/moodle
    -Click on EMS
    -Click on Protocol Testing
    -Click on the appropriate test (BLS  or ALS)
    -At this point you will be asked to log in or to create an Account.
    -You will likely have to create an account if you haven't been working in the Beta.  You must have access to an email account to validate your registration.  Creating an account only takes a second, and you are in effect registering to take a "course".

    -After you're validated and logged in, you can access the test.  After taking the test, and assuming that you passed it, a new option will be available to you under the Course Outline, and that will be the "certificate".  Click on this, and generate your completion certificate.  You can print it out, or save it locally to your own computer.
    -Results and certificates are not planned to be saved for the long-term, and are not guaranteed to be available after you complete your test.  If you passed it, your proof is a certificate.
    -If you don't pass, you can't access the certificate, but you are able to take the test as often as you'd like. 

    Providers under the South Denver EMS Group (Porter, Littleton, Parker, and Castle Rock):  Upon successful completion, please be sure to get a copy of your certificate to your EMS Educator either directly or via your agency supervisor.

    -A disclaimer…please don't encourage, permit, or condone any printout of the questions on this test.  The work that has been involved in this has been tremendous and is ongoing.  There are real fingers behind each typed character.  I ask that the integrity of the test bank and honor of the work involved be treated as such.

    Some notes about the test itself:
    -Question shuffling, and answer shuffling.   The questions are from a large and ever-growing bank of questions that are being updated by other EMS Coordinators and doctors across the metro area.  You will likely not get the same test twice.  On top of this, the answers shuffle each time the test is generated for each person so the answers will appear in random order consistently.  Effectively you have a 25% chance of success/75% chance of failure if someone tells you that the answer is #2.  ;-)

    -Growing.  This test has already grown and is expected to be a constant resource that is always fresh and updated.

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