• EMS Pause - Starts, April 1, 2016

    Downloadable Flyer

    What: EMS PAUSE

    Who: All ambulance arrivals

    Where: In the ED at Porter, Littleton, Parker, Castle Rock, and Southlands

    When: Every EMS Transport into the ED starting April 1st

    Why: So everyone can hear EMS report/patient safety/EMS & ED Staff satisfaction

    How does the EMS Pause Work?

    • On EMS arrival patient will stay on EMS stretcher during handoff report
    • ED staff will inform patient and EMS that we are going to listen to report (Script: "We will listen to a brief report from EMS and then we will move you onto our ER bed")
    • EMS will give a 30-60 sec report with silence in the room
    • Patient will then be moved over to the ED bed
    • Name and DOB for registration will be obtained from patient or EMS

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