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    Shown above are Porter, Littleton and Parker EMS (PLP EMS) and PLP ED Physicians (starting upper left and clockwise) Dr. Riccio, Dr. Davidson, Dr. Guerra and Dr. Eby with Dr. Gordon A. Ewy, Director, Arizona Sarver Heart Center (in center) presenting information at the Cutting-Edge Cardiocerebral Care Conference held at Porter Adventist Hospital on September 9, 2010. This four-hour event was sponsored by PLP EMS and Cardiovascular Services and coordinated by Mike Grill. Attendance was by over 90 EMS and hospital providers from around the state and included STEMI Advances and Controversies by John Riccio, MD, MI Mimics and Difficult EKGs by Gene Eby, MD, Cardiocerebral Resuscitation : The New CPR! by Gordon Ewy, MD, TIH (Therapeutic Induced Hypothermia): The Local Story by Paul Davidson, MD, and A Comprehensive Wrap-Up by Wayne Guerra, MD, MBA.

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