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Mark Prather MD

Mark Prather, MD, MBA, FACEP; EMS Medical Director

Many of you know me. I’ve been an attending physician in the Porter and Littleton ERs for nearly 15 years. However, most recently, I’ve assumed the role of EMS medical director at the Porter Adventist Hospital emergency department.  In addition to my medical degree, I also hold an MBA. As such, my mind naturally looks to find the better, faster and cheaper alternative to medical problems. I enjoy working with teams to look at processes and figure out how to make them better.

Most recently, I worked with Tom McDermott, a nurse manager at Porter, to create a new CT Direct program. For stroke patients who meet the criteria for thrombolytics administration (within 4.5 hours of the onset of symptoms), this can make a huge dif­ference. The program is just getting started, but the early results are exciting. Stroke patients are getting their CT scans immediately after they arrive at the ER, and CT reads are completed within 10 minutes, roughly half the time it was taking previously.

One of my goals for 2012 is to continue to develop the Quality Improvement Program for Centura Health’s Prehospital Emergency Services Team with Ryan Mayfield, manager of the team’s Center for Quality, Integration and Research (CEQIR). We are working to identify key performance indicators (like how long it takes for a stroke patient to get a CT scan) so that Centura can do its part to move the science of EMS care forward.  This is important work because, as you probably know if you work in the EMS area, there is a lack of outcomes-focused research in our discipline. I look forward to working with our nationally recognized EMS staff to further the science of EMS and improve patient care.

I do my best to counteract life becoming too dry and analytical by playing drums or keyboards. Lately, when I’m not working, you can find me playing keys with my indie rock band, Birdy. Stop by the Hi-Dive or Larimer Lounge and say hi.  My kids — Ruby, 12, and twins Lila and Scarlett, 7 —also provide a few distractions. My wife, Aya, and I live in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood. Although I’m a California Bay Area kid, we’ve called Denver home for 18 years and I’m probably more of a Coloradan than a Californian, although I’m sure there are some of you who might argue that point.  So, that’s my story. Nice to meet you! Please say hello next time you’re at Porter.

B.A. Molecular Biology, Vanderbilt University; M.D. Doctor of Medicine, UCLA; Residency Emergency Medicine, Denver Health Medical Center; MBA, University of Colorado.

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